August 19, 2016 4 min read

How Are Grillz Made?

Ever wonder how the grillz you see and wear are made? We're here to satisfy your curiosity and break down the steps that most people use when creating the grillz that you see. Here is a quick summary for those who aren't interested in the details:

Custom Grillz are made through 3 main steps. First, we get the customers' dental impressions and pour the molds of their teeth. Next, we cast the metal (usually gold) in a centrifuge using the lost-wax technique. Lastly, we clean up the casting material and polish the grillz to a nice shine.

If you're still interested in the process and want to learn more about the details of the process, continue reading below.


The Molding Process of Making Custom Mouth Grillz

To make grillz, you start by purchasing a mold kit and taking a dental impression of your top/bottom teeth depending on what you are making the grillz for. Typically you would have to go to a dentist to get this done, but with the rise of online retailers of grillz, more and more are able to ship the mold kits to your home so you can do the impressions then send them back to the jeweler. Because the grill will be made based on the impression, this is the most important step to get correct. We get many questions on how to do the impressions correctly so we created a video on how to mold custom grillz correctly.

Pouring mold

Creating The Molds Of Your Teeth

After the impressions are created, the next step is to pour dye stone to fill the impression and create the mold that the grill will be made from. The impression and tray are pressed against a vibrating machine while the dye stone is poured onto the mold. This makes sure there are no air bubbles on the mold and that the dye stone is distributed evenly into the impression.

Stone Mold

Casting The Molds

This step is where things get interesting and you get your first look at the custom grillz. The mold is then made into a casting with a wax lining through one of the multiple techniques that professionals use. One common method is to soften a thick plastic sheet onto the mold and then cut it out to the desired shape. Next step they do is add wax tubes on either side of the plastic so that the gold has somewhere to inject into. Then they encase the plastic in a casting material and heat it up to become solid. Once the casting material is solid, they then remove the plastic and gold is poured into the casting through the wax tubes that were added in the process before. The casting then goes into a centrifuge, which spins the gold inside the casting allowing for an even spread and removing air bubbles. Once that process is complete, you have the beginnings of a gold grill.


Cleaning Up The Custom Grillz And Polishing It To A Shine

Once the gold grill is removed from the casting, the excess gold that accumulated due to the tubes is then cut off and shaved down to make it flush and smooth to match the rest of the teeth on the gold grill. The last steps are to clean up the casting material left on the grill and to polish it to the perfect shine. Using a rough wheel, the casting material is slowly worked and shaved off the grill. What is left looks like a dull grill. The last step is the one that makes the most impact on the look and shine of the grill, the polishing stage. Using a final polishing wheel and polishing wax material, the grillz are polished over and over to make them shine brighter with each pass. The process is repeated a few times until the grillz have the perfect shine and are ready for you to wear!

That is the typical process that a Jeweler takes to make a solid grill. Custom designs and stone/diamond setting increases both the cost and complexity of the process. Typically if you want a custom grill made, you would have to call, email, or walk into a store to consult a specialist so they have a full understanding of what you want done. This process may seem long and difficult, but that is why you have professionals making the grillz rather than backyard shops trying to make them. The grillz require specialized tools and machines in order to make them look good and still be safe for you to use. Creating custom grillz is a craft and as craftsmen, we have pride in the work we do. Don’t settle for a cheap hack quality custom grill. Get one from someone you can trust with thousands of satisfied customers!

Summary of How to Make Grillz

Steps Description
1- Molds First, we need to get the dental impressions of your teeth and pour the molds.
2- Casting Next, we cast the material (usually gold) in a centrifuge using the lost-wax casting technique.
3- Polishing Lastly, we clean up the casting material and polish the grillz to its perfect shine.
How are Custom Grillz Made?