Wholesale Program - Custom Gold Grillz

Welcome to the CGG Wholesale Program – where the vibes are chill, and the partnerships are straight-up lit! We're hyped to team up with your business and hook you up with unbeatable wholesale prices!


Minimum Order Requirement

  • To kick things off, we require a minimum of three orders at once to qualify for our exclusive wholesale prices.

Mold Kits

  • If you need mold kits, we offer bulk discounts on unbranded mold kits, so you can send directly to your clients. However, if you want to use your own impression kits, that's cool too! We just need some top-notch mold impressions to craft your grillz to perfection.


  • Choose from cashier's checks, money orders, PayPal/Shopify invoices (3% charge), or Venmo/Cashapp (3% charge).Payment will be due upfront before production begins.


  • We charge a fee per package and can deliver the grillz to you or directly to your clients via USPS or Fedex. All packages will be unbranded, using generic packaging for your convenience.

Production Time

  • Our turnaround times are quick and efficient, typically ranging from one to two weeks for simple solid styles. For handset pieces and other custom styles, it may take up to two to three weeks.


Get Started

  • Ready to start the wholesale journey? Let's make it happen! Go ahead and fill out the form below and we'll contact you shortly. 
  • Please provide us with your Name, Email, Phone number, City, Preferred Method of Contact, Social Medias, or Website
  • We're stoked to build this partnership with you and grow together!