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Drip Grillz

Dripping with style

Drip style grillz are one of the newer styles that has been exploding in popularity. While this style is a great option to add a unique piece to your collection, it's not for everyone. 

As a solid grill, it may not shine as much as an iced out piece, but it will definately draw as much attention due to the unique styling of the piece. If you ever wondered how it would look like if you had molten gold on top of your teeth, wonder no longer. These pieces are a great representation of that and are a perfect way to express your unique style.

This piece can be had with diamond dust, diamond cuts, open face and fang extensions for a large number of combinations, allowing you to create a unique piece and unleash your creativity. You want diamond dust drips with open face canines? We can do that. You want diamond dust and diamond cuts on a straight drip piece? We got that too. Our jewelers are skilled enough to do just about any style that may interest you.