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Natural Diamond Grillz

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

When people talk about grillz like the rappers, these are the pieces that they're talking about. Solid gold pieces and natural diamonds grillz are what all the big stars are wearing and they don't play around.

We offer grillz with SI, VS, and VVS clarity natural diamonds. If you're looking to ball out and get a piece like your favorite celebrities, check out our VVS Diamond Grillz for near-flawless stones. If you're ballin on a budget, but still want to get real diamonds, our SI Diamond Grillz are the way to go. They're the lowest clarity natural diamond we offer, but they're still real diamond grillz nonetheless.

The most popular pieces that balance cost and shine are our SI and VS custom Diamond Grillz. Those pieces are at a price point where they're not ridiculously expensive and they still shine almost as hard as flawless diamond pieces.

These natural diamond grillz are big-ticket items and will blow your bank wide open without even trying. If you're a baller on a budget, check out our iced out diamond grillzfor more affordable lab diamond(CZ) pieces. These pieces shine hard and have the quality to back them up too.

Not sure what kind of setting you want? We offer straight setting and zig zag setting pieces. The straight setting lines up each stone in a straight line so they're in a grid like pattern. If you want to pack more stones into the piece, we offer a honeycomb or zig zag setting. These settings offset the stones so they fit in between each other. This means that each tooth is packed with more stones for an even more icy look.