January 13, 2016 2 min read

Premium CZ Diamond Grillz

Custom Gold Grillz has launched their exclusive premium CZ diamond grillz made from either .925 sterling silver or jeweler's brass with triple plated 18k gold. The triple plating on these grillz not only make sure your grill will be shiny, but it also ensures that they'll last a lifetime. You'll get the same look as real diamond grillz without having to pay 20x more. These grillz help us bridge the gap between quality and affordability, allowing us to sell these high quality grillz at unprecedented prices.

Why Get These CZ Diamond Grillz?

Our new exclusive line of Custom CZ diamond grillz includes many different styles to fit any wardrobe. The new line includes 4 new 6 tooth sets and 4 new fanged set. We now carry grillz with either gold prongs for the standard look, rhodium prongs for a completely iced out look, or canary stones with gold prongs for that unique look.

With prices starting at $29.99 for either the top or bottom and prices starting at $59.99 for a top and bottom set, you can now get the high quality iced out look that you've been looking for at a price that's hard to beat. Check out our website to see why we have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide! Still not convinced of our quality? See what others have to say about our products.

How Are These Different From Our Other Grillz?

Compared to our affordable 14k sets, these cubic zirconia grillz sets are much more icy and defined. Made with a thick gold plating, these grillz are made to last and will keep you smiling with icy teeth for a long time. The 14k sets may only last a few months to a year with on and off use, but these grillz will last years and years without fading if you take care of them.

Compared to our Custom Molded Grillz, these custom CZ Diamond grillz sets look similar, but are at a more affordable price that won't break your bank. Custom made grillz with CZ stones can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars and require dental impressions. With these premium grillz, you're getting a great looking and high quality product that is plated with a thick real gold plating and has hand set AAA grade Cubic Zirconia. Getting grillz from us, whether solid gold or premade gold plated, will ensure that you get the best quality for the price.