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Premade Grillz

Pre-made Grillz

Pre-made grillz come in one standard size that fits most. You don’t have to make an impression and mail it to us. All you need to do is purchase your premade grillz and we will ship everything you need to adjust your mouth piece to ensure the most comfortable fit.

Pre-made grillz are significantly cheaper compared to custom-fitted grillz because they are not made from real gold entirely, they are gold-plated. They are still a high quality teeth grillz because we use stainless steel or sterling silver to make them. They will not tarnish.

Furthermore, premade grillz are durable to last a lifetime. You will need to replace the mouth piece eventually, but the grillz will be in great condition even after being used for a while.

If you are looking for a high quality pre-made grillz that doesn’t cost a fortune, you found them. If you love variety and get tired of wearing the same teeth grillz over and over again, you can purchase many different styles and change them frequently to match your outfits, or your mood. You don’t need to take the impression and mail them to us, you will be able to do the fitting on your own following easy instructions that we provide with the grillz. The process of fitting will take less than a minute.

The only drawback of pre-made grillz compared to custom-fitted grillz is that they might be uncomfortable for some people. It really depends on the size and shape of your mouth. If everything is pretty standard, you’re not going to have any problems wearing them.