CGG Gemz Kit

Elevate your smile from the comfort home with our all-new Gemz Kit! Unleash your inner artist with these icy Swarovski crystals and turn your teeth into a work of art!

Why Tooth Gemz by Custom Gold Grillz?

🌟 Radiate Confidence: Enhance your smile with a hint of brilliance and step confidently into any occasion.

💎 DIY Glamour: Our Tooth Gemz home kit empowers you to become the artist. Apply these exquisite Swarovski crystals at your convenience.

🎨 A Palette of Possibilities: Choose from a mesmerizing array of colors to match your unique style.

💖 Safe and Easy: Our application process is easy, gentle and non-toxic, ensuring a safe and seamless experience.

💲 Affordable Sparkle: Achieve a radiant smile without breaking the bank. Our Tooth Gemz kit offers high-quality sparkle at a price that adds glamour to your smile, not your budget.

 Long-Lasting Luster: Enjoy a lasting sparkle that endures through your many smiles and adventures.

Each kit includes everything you need for a flawless application:

🔮 Six 2mm Swarovski crystals for a stunning starting point.

🔦 A UV lamp for curing and setting your gems in place.

🌪️ An etch bottle to prepare the tooth's surface for longer-lasting applications.

🎯 A bond bottle to ensure your gems stay securely in place.

💪 A composite bottle for added durability.

🧴 Four applicator tips for precise and easy placement.

🍬 Four cotton rolls for ease of application.

✏️ A wax pencil for effortless gem pickup.

😁 An optional cheek retractor for enhanced visibility during application.

📖 An instructions booklet to guide you through the process step by step.


❗ Disclaimer: While our Tooth Gemz are designed to provide long-lasting sparkle, they will naturally fall off over time. If you wish to have them removed before this occurs, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance from a dentist to ensure a safe and comfortable removal process. With proper application, our gemz can add a touch of glamour to your smile for months of dazzling brilliance. For more temporary wear, skip the step 1 etch bottle and/or cure for less time. Results may vary.