About Us

Here at Custom Gold Grillz, we are dedicated to bringing you the hottest hip hop grillz at the most affordable prices on the market! Check out our line of custom fit grillz for a piece that is designed specifically for your teeth and customized to your liking. Our custom fit line includes both solid gold grillz and solid sterling silver grillz and features classic styles such as the plain grillz and the diamond grillz. If none of those styles are to your liking, you can also have a grill custom made to your specifications. If you're on a budget, we carry an exclusive line of premium 18k stainless steel grillz that are meant to last you for years. You can’t find these grillz anywhere else on the web! Get the look and feel of grills that can cost hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the price.

With our premades, you can choose from our classic solid 6 and 8 tooth caps, iced grillz, gold teeth fangs, and single/double tooth grills that will keep you shining for any occasion. Browse our wide range of 14k gold grillz sets made from a brass core meant to be worn for special occasions. If ice is more of your style, check out our premium line of CZ grillz for a smile that'll keep you shining. You can always count on us for high quality grillz with fast shipping at the lowest price!

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