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Solid Style Grillz

Plain Style Sterling Silver and Gold Solid Grillz

There's no shame in simplicity. Solid style grillz are the classic and easily recognizable style that people have grown up on. If you're just starting off on your career or looking for a more low profile grill, our solid grillz styles are the perfect solution. Because they are made of solid .925 Sterling Silver or Solid Gold, they are more durable than our premade grillz. Another benefit of the custom fit grillz is that they are made based off an impression of your teeth so there's no need for a silicone molding bar with the grillz.

Even though these solid grillz don't come with ice, they offer plenty of space for customization since each tooth is a blank canvas. We offer many different customization options for solid styles such as different color gold plating, deep cuts, diamond dust, diamond cuts, open face, and fang extensions. With all of those options, mixing and matching them on the teeth will allow for a lot of different combination of add-ons allowing for some very unique grillz.

What are deep cuts?

Deep cuts are cuts between each tooth to give them more definition and make them look more like permanent teeth. While the deep cuts cost extra, they also add a lot to the style of the grill.

If you're looking for the permanent grill look, but you don't want to shave your teeth down and have the perm grillz installed, the deep cuts are a good option. The cuts between each tooth help to define the grill and give each tooth a more realistic look while keeping the pullout nature of these custom grillz.