How much do grillz cost?

One of the most asked questions on our site is how much do grillz cost. Unfortunately, we can’t give an exact number because they can vary greatly in price depending on the type of grill, materials, and extras such as fangs, diamond cut, open face, and iced out. We can however give you rough estimates based on what materials and styles are most popular with our customers.  

How much do Grillz Cost?

It depends on many factors, but if you’re looking for an affordable option, our start at $19.99 and go up to $59.99. If you’re looking for a custom set that is made of solid gold, you’re looking at anywhere from $200 to $1,800 and up.


Most Expensive Grillz

Why is there so much variance in the pricing?

The simple answers are materials and complexity. The more exotic the materials, the more expensive the grill, the more complex the designs are, the longer and more expensive the process becomes. The most expensive grill made for example, is worth $152,700 due to the 24 carat pure gold and 160 diamonds. The Dubai dentist had the diamonds in the grillz verified by the World Diamond Institute for authenticity and clarity. If spending thousands is out of the question, we offer gold plated stainless steel grillz. These grills start at $19.99 and give you the look of a solid grill without breaking the bank.

6 Tooth Top and 6 Tooth Bottom Grillz Set

Most Popular Grillz Styles and Materials

Looking at our products and can’t decide what to buy? Everyone has their own style, but if you want to see what other people wear or get inspiration from their style, we’re here to breakdown some of our most popular products. Let’s start with our two most popular and well known item, the solid style grillz. These grillz are the most simple and timeless with their clean design and simple aesthetics. Our next most popular grillz are the iced out ones. Our premade CZ grillz look great without breaking the bank while our iced out custom fitted grillz are perfect for those looking for a solid 10k, 14k, or 18k iced out grill. These grillz are great for those looking to add some shine in their smile.

Solid Grill Set

Should I Get Solid Style Grillz?

Solid style grillz are perfect for those who want a little shine in their mouth, but want to stick with something classic. These grillz look great with just about any outfit and are a great accessory. If you’re on a budget, our premade grillz are a good choice due to their shine for the price. You get real 18k gold plated over a stainless steel grill for a great looking grill that will last years. If you have the money to step up, to a custom fitted grill, we recommend that you do. Because it is made of solid 10k, 14k, or 18k gold, you can rest assured that the grill will never fade or tarnish.

6 Teeth Diamond Grillz

Should I get Iced Out Grillz?

Our Iced Out grillz are another customer favorite. Each grill features our AAA grade cubic zirconia stones for a great shine and clarity at a price that’s hard to beat. Our CZ grillz are some of our best selling products. Their look, durability and shine are perfect for drawing attention. Starting at $29.99, these are our most value orientated iced out grillz. They are plated with 18k real gold over a stainless steel core so they have the shine of a real grill and will last you for years. Want to upgrade to something that will last a lifetime? Check out our Custom fitted sets of grillz. We offer the option to ice them out just like our CZ grillz. The difference is instead of getting real gold plated over stainless steel, you get solid 10k, 14k or 18k gold grillz. As stated before, the solid grillz will last a lifetime as long as you care for them and clean them as you would other jewelry. Although the price is a lot more, we feel that having that piece of mind knowing the grillz will never let you down is worth it.