September 26, 2018 5 min read

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you ready or still looking for halloween costume grillz and accessory ideas? If you are still looking, don't worry! We have a few suggestions that would be perfect for Halloween costumes. Whether you want to ball out on a costume or save money, we have options for you. All of our grillz will make great teeth accessories for your Halloween costumes.


Killmonger Grill From Black Panther


We now have Killmonger grillz in stock! Complete your Black Panther costume this Halloween with our awesome Gold Fang Grillz that Michael B Jordan wore in the 2018 movie Black Panther. Available in two options: gold plated one size fits all, and solid gold custom fitted. Gold grillz are the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween costume, whether you're Killmonger or Dracula! 

Replica of Jared Leto's Joker Grillz

Have you watched or heard about Suicide Squad and thought that the Joker would make a great Halloween costume? We thought the same thing when we saw it. The biggest thing that caught our eyes were the silver teeth grills that Jared Leto wore as Joker. They were so awesome that we decided to create the same pair and offer them on our site. Because we take pride in our products, we weren’t going to make it as just a cheap Halloween accessory. Instead, we sought to make a bad-ass grill that turns heads and makes a statement.

Custom Silver Teeth Joker Grillz from Suicide Squad

The costume grillz are available in only .925 solid Sterling Silver for the same look as the grillz in the movie, but with a durability that will last well past Halloween. Because they are solid sterling silver, you don’t have to worry about the grills tarnishing (changing colors) or breaking. These grillz are not something that you would just wear once and throw it out. The durability of these will amaze people and is well worth the price.

Worried that the joker teeth grillz won’t fit you or won’t look good? Don’t worry, we got you covered. These grills are only available as a custom set. What that means is that these are custom fitted to your unique teeth. This is done by creating the grillz based on a dental mold that is created using an impression of your teeth. When you order a set from us, we will send you a mold kit so that you can do the impression at home. Once we receive the impression, we will create your mold to use to cast the silver onto. After the mold is created, the joker grillz are made to fit that mold. The look, feel, and finish of the grill are then examined by our professional jewelers before it is finally sent to you. This ensures that you get an item that is high quality and looks great.

Be one of the greatest villains of all time with these replica custom fitted sterling silver Joker Grills for your mouth. If you’re serious about your costume and want to be Joker for Halloween, this is the perfect finishing touch that will put you in a whole different league. The process of ordering the silver grillz from us is simple and will leave you with one of the best looking Halloween costume accessories at your party. The biggest difficulty that you’ll have with this costume will then be finding authentic-looking green hair and tattoos (fake or real) to match.

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Vampire Fangs For Vampires and Dracula Costumes


Vampire Fangs

One classic costume that you are guaranteed to see this Halloween season is a Vampire/Dracula costume. Even though this costume is a classic and won’t be going away anytime soon, you can still stand out from the sea of similar looking Draculas with one of our Halloween vampire fang teeth grillz. These grillz come in gold, silver, and rose gold and are the perfect finishing touch to enhance any Halloween costume.

If you want to go low key, but still be different, we have single tooth gold fangs. These gold plated fangs are only a single tooth, but sometimes a small change can make a huge difference. These single top fangs are the perfect way to add some spice to your costume.

One of our classics around the Halloween season is our Gold Plated Vampire Fang Grillz. These grillz are a step up from the single tooth grillz. They cover more teeth for that uniform look and are still at an affordable price. Dracula may have never had teeth like this, but the regular costumes are boring. These grillz are a great addition to any other Halloween accessories that you may be wearing. Spice up your Halloween costume with one of our fanged grillz before Halloween begins.

Looking to add a more unique touch to your vampire costume than a plain grill? We offer completely iced fanged grillz in both solid sterling silver and gold plated variants. These are sure to be different from anything you’ve ever seen on Halloween costumes. These grills will make it look like Dracula hit the lotto and got rich. The hundreds of stones on these teeth grillz are what helps it stand out from anything you’ve seen on any other Halloween accessories. They produce a bright shine and will have people looking anywhere you go.

Of course we have to accommodate for the ballers as well. For those with the money that want a quality product that will last year after year, we have custom fitted solid gold and silver grillz available. What makes these so special is the fact that they are made custom to fit a mold of your mouth. This means that you can guarantee the fit of the grillz and you’ll know for sure that it won’t look like they’re too big or too small for you. Another special thing about these grillz is that we offer many options to our customers for that perfect look. Want fangs added to them for your Dracula costume? We can do that. Want to ice it out or add deep cuts for more defined teeth? We can do that too. If you have a special design in mind or want to add different options that aren’t available on our site, contact our support team to find out if it’s possible for us to do.

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Gold Plated Grillz and Solid Real Grills

6 Tooth Top and 6 Tooth Bottom Grillz Set 

Need more ideas for a costume that requires less commitment? Try putting together a gangster costume. The concept of the costume is simple because you can make it whatever you want it to be. For a costume such as this, you can add just about any one of our grillz and they will be the perfect Halloween accessories for your costume. All you have to do is add the clothes and you’ll be set.

For the classic gangster look, try a grill from our collection of gold grillz. We have many different styles such as single tooth, gold plated, solid gold, iced, and fanged available. By far, the most ordered and classic style is the gold plated 6 tooth and 8 tooth sets. Those grillz are gold plated, but the base metal is stainless steel. This combination lets us offer a high quality, durable grill at an affordable price that will last you for many Halloweens to come.

If you’re looking for a real grill for the costume or want to have everyone asking about your grill, check out our custom fitted grillz. These grills are made to order and are perfect for those looking to get something custom made. Because they are custom made, they require you to do a dental impression at home for us to make a mold and get the perfect fit for your teeth. These grillz may look expensive, but they are highly customizable and made of materials such as solid white gold and solid yellow gold for a durability and shine that will last for decades if take care of properly.