May 19, 2017 3 min read

Wearing custom gold grillz is a trend that rose to popularity in recent years. Celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye love to wear dental decorations, and now you can wear them too. While bling might be the hottest way to accessorize your mouth in 2017, some have questioned if gold grillz are safe to wear. If you’re contemplating grillz, here’s what you need to know to protect your smile from permanent harm.


Grillz Aren’t a New Concept

Gold Grill SetVampire Fang Grills

Today’s dental accessories feature more advanced designs with custom gold grillz offering a personalized fit that is comfortable and beautiful. Rather than making permanent changes to teeth like our ancestors, grillz allow you to temporarily change up your look by providing a custom fitted cover for the teeth that makes your pearly whites appear to be solid gold.

Do Grillz Damage Your Teeth?

 Gold GrillGold Bottom Grillz

This is the question that many are asking, but there is not a simple answer. Grills can be perfectly safe to wear if you practice common sense. Don’t wear your grillz for extended periods of time and make sure you clean them properly. Avoid using glue or adhesives that could cause severe damage to teeth and gum tissue. There are no studies that show that wearing grillz is harmful, but there are also no studies showing that long-term wear is safe. So ultimately, it’s up to use to exercise caution and wear grills responsibly to protect your dental health.

Safety Tips for Wearing Grillz

Cleaning grillz with mouthwash  

If you decide to wear custom gold grillz, then use special care with dental hygiene. Brush and floss regularly to prevent problems. Make sure your teeth are clean before you put on the grillz because tiny bits of food and debris could lead to cavities, tooth decay, and bad breath.

What Happens if You Wear Fake Grillz?

The acids in fake grillz can harm gums and cause tooth decay. Also, bacteria can contribute to bad breath. Plus, there’s a chance that the fake grillz may irritate surrounding oral tissues and wear away the enamel on the opposing teeth.

Can You Sleep With Grillz in Your Mouth?

It’s recommended that you never sleep with grillz in your mouth because bacteria can get stuck inside and over time cause decay. Cleaning your grillz daily will ensure you get rid of any food debris or bacteria that may have gotten trapped.

How Long Can You Keep Grillz In?

It’s also important to limit how often you wear gold grills. If you keep the grillz in for extended periods of time, it could cause gum irritation. Always remove your grillz before eating to avoid damaging the mouthpiece or your teeth. When you take your dental grill out, give it a careful cleaning. However, avoid using toxic jewelry cleaners that could be dangerous with oral exposure.

Finally, make sure to stay away from any metals that cause allergic reactions or skin sensitivities. Choosing custom gold grillz is usually a safe bet because pure gold will rarely cause any reaction. However, other metals like nickel could cause irritations so use caution and wear the grill for a short period to test your tolerance.

Ultimately, custom gold grillz are a fun accessory but wear them responsibly. Make sure you are vigilant to take care of your teeth and gums and clean your grills carefully every time you wear them to avoid complications to your oral health.