October 09, 2019 1 min read

Although rarer, emerald-cut diamonds are less expensive than the round-cut or princess-cut diamonds; the same thing cannot be said about Quavo's new emerald-cut grillz.

Are Quavo’s Teeth Permanent?

The Migos rapper recently revealed his new mouthpiece which, according to its maker Johnny Dang, boasts a price tag of a quarter-million dollars.  The legendary jeweler to hip hop artists and celebrities delivered the grillz to Quavo's Florida home himself. He was also quick in pointing out that his newest creation is the first of its kind in the world.  He jokingly added, "I know you can't afford it; it costs more than my house!"

While checking out his newest 16-piece grillz, the Atlanta-based rapper described the intricate cuts as looking like church windows. Johnny was proud to add that they are more complicated than baguettes. 

In December of last year, Quavo showed off an impressive 18k white gold 8 on 8 invisible set baguette-cut diamond grill—custom-made for him by The King of Bling,of course—which also cost $250,000. Loose change, considering the man has a sneaker collection well worth over $3,000,000.

With the world's first-ever emerald-cut diamond grillz, Quavo and Johnny Dang are not only icons, but they are also definitely certified game-changers in the grillz industry.