Replacement Molding Kit For Custom-Made Grillz

Each purchase will come with 2x blue putty, 2x white putty, and 2 impression trays. This is enough to make two impressions of your teeth. Send both to us, and we will choose the best one to make your grillz from.

The purchase of the Top and Bottom set will include 4x blue putty, 4x white putty, and 4 impression trays.

How To Use The Custom Grillz Mold Kit

We highly recommend that you get your impressions done by a dentist or licensed professional.

  • Mix one blue putty and one white putty together until the white putty is completely gone (mix for about 20-30 seconds). 
  • Put the finished putty in the tray.
  • Lift up your lip and put the tray in your mouth and bite down.
  • Make sure the putty covers all of the teeth and goes over your gums for the teeth that you plan to mold.
  • Wait for 6-7 minutes before taking it out of your mouth.
  • Rinse with water and ship back both impressions to us.