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[CUSTOM-FIT] Solid Gold Drip Grillz

Take your grillz game to the next level! Made out of solid gold, these drip grillz will make you look like you have gold dripping down your teeth! Whether its the round drip or straight drip style, these fronts never fail to keep things fresh. You can get yours done in 10k, 14k, or 18k yellow, white, or rose gold!

Each set comes with a free mold kit so you can take your mold impressions for that truly comfortable, perfect fit. Once you're done with your impressions, ship them back to us—your finished grillz will be mailed to you 7-10 business days after we receive your mold. If you have any missing teeth or have questions or customization requests, contact us directly at support@customgoldgrillz.com or send us a message on our Instagram or Facebook page.

Need help deciding which karat to order? Here are a few helpful facts on gold:
○ 10k gold has 41.6% gold and is the least expensive option. It has less luster but is the strongest against bending.
○ 14k gold has 58.3% gold. It is the best value for a customer on a budget, with medium hardness and durability, and a bright luster.
○ 18k gold has 75% gold and is the most expensive option that we offer; it has the highest durability and a very bright luster.

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