Iced CZ Grillz (Straight Setting)


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Stay blinding! Made of solid .925 Sterling silver and dripping ice thanks to our 5A flawless CZs, this fully bustdown iced custom grill set is a must-have! Also available with colored stones or diamond, you can't go wrong with this iced out grills set! If gold is what you need, we offer the option of upgrading to 10k14k18k yellow, white, or rose gold.

This fully bustdown custom diamond grillz will complete your bling look and will definitely stand out. Fits snugly so you can talk and flaunt them at the same time.

Each Order Includes

Each set comes with a free mold kit so you can take your mold impressions for that truly comfortable, perfect fit. Once you're done with your impressions, ship them back to us. We'll use your molds to craft the iced out bottom grillz to perfectly fit your teeth.

Need Customizations?

If you have any missing teeth or have questions or customization requests, contact us directly at or send us a message on our Instagram or Facebook page. Due to customized nature of this product and the uniqueness of every customers' teeth, the final product may vary slightly from the product pictures displayed.

How to Choose Which Karat

Need help deciding which karat to order? Here are a few helpful facts on gold:

  • 10k gold has 41.6% gold and is the least expensive gold option. It has less luster but it is the most durable and strongest against bending and scratching.
  • 14k gold has 58.3% gold. It has medium hardness and durability, and a bright luster. 14k gold has the best balance of color, durability, and cost.
  • 18k gold has 75% gold and is the most expensive option that we offer. It has a very bright luster, offering a deeper, richer yellow color. Due to its higher gold content, it is the most tarnish-resistant, but it's also softer and more prone to bending.
Frequently Asked Questions

Are Iced Out Diamond Grillz Permanent?

No, iced out diamond grillz are not permanent. They are removable dental accessories meant to be worn temporarily. You should take them out when eating, drinking, sleeping, or engaging in activities where they could be damaged or pose a risk.

Are Iced Out Diamond Grillz Safe to Wear?

Iced out diamond grillz are generally safe to wear for short periods when made from high-quality, non-toxic materials. However, prolonged wear can lead to issues like tooth decay, gum irritation, or even tooth movement. Proper oral hygiene is essential.

How Do You Clean and Maintain Iced Out Diamond Grillz?

To keep your iced out diamond grillz looking their best, brush them gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap after each wear. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or letting them soak in cleaning solutions. Store them in a secure case when not in use.

Are Iced Out Diamond Grillz Legal to Wear in all Situations?

While iced out diamond grillz are generally legal to wear, some institutions or workplaces may have policies prohibiting them. It's always wise to check the dress code or rules of a particular setting before wearing them to avoid any issues or conflicts. Keep in mind that diamonds or diamond simulants may not be allowed in certain high-security areas.

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