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Si Diamond Chain

Si Diamond Chains

Iced out cuban link chains and tennis chains are not only a status symbol, but a way to show off your unique style and fashion tastes. As a staple of hip hop culture, the diamond chain is one accessory that everyone from recording artists to just fans of the music or culture wear. Whether you're looking to rock a solid gold and real diamond chain or a gold plated piece with CZs, we’ve got you covered.

Quality and affordable entry level jewelry that won’t break or change colors after the first few wears is hard to come by. Fortunately, our brass pieces are heavily plated with 18k gold are made to last for years with proper cleaning and maintenance. The gold plated jewelry we offer mainly comes in yellow and white gold with some styles offered in rose gold too.

If you're looking to really ball out or only want the best, we have solid gold and real diamond options available on our chains. For natural diamonds, we offer multiple clarities including SI, VS, and VVS. Our VVS diamonds are the closest in clarity to Flawless diamonds, but with a more economical price.

SI1 diamonds are the best seller of the bunch, and are also the most popular clarity on earth because they face up eye-clean, and look just like a more expensive clarity. An SI1 diamond will look just like a flawless diamond with the bare eye. Meaning, you’ll get the same look, but save thousands.


Our SI diamond chains give our customers a relatively affordable option if you want to get into the game with real diamond jewelry. While none of these options are cheap, they are of the highest quality and most durable chains we offer. As all our solid gold and real diamond chains are made to order, we can customize them to your liking and budget.

Iced cuban chains are some of the most prolific pieces of jewelry in the hip hop game. It seems like every rapper in the game has either got a solid gold cuban link necklace or an iced Cuban chain. Whether it's plated gold or solid gold, cubic zirconia or natural diamonds, every enthusiast has at least one cuban chain in their arsenal.

We offer multiple widths of cuban chains with a varying number of stones from 13mm cubans with 1 row of ice up to 18mm cubans with 3 rows of ice. Each iced cuban is packed with stones for an unmatched shine on a classic style of chain. With each increase in width of the chain, we pack in another row of stones for that flooded cuban chain look. Whether you’re looking to ball on a budget with a 1 row cuban or fully ice your neck with a 3 row cuban, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

While the classic cuban link chains are what most people think of when they hear cuban chains, we also offer many other different variations of cuban chains such as the cuban mariner, baguette cuban, prong set cuban, and more. The cuban mariner chain we offer is a hybrid of an iced cuban chain and an iced mariner chain. This special style has every fourth cuban link replaced with an iced mariner link.

The baguette cuban chains offer have a unique twist on not only the standard cuban link chain by not only being flat and rectangular, but also including baguette stones in the center of the link with round stones surrounding them.

Our prong set cubans are another unique addition to our collection. These special cubans feature flat links instead of round links and contain prong set stones instead of pave set stones. What this means - the stones are above the chain itself and held in place by prongs. While this increases the thickness of the chain, it also gives the stones more light to shine brighter. This leads to a chain that has large stones set in for a big stone, big shine type of chain.

Another popular type of chain worn by entertainers and celebrities is the iced tennis chain. This classic, minimalist style prominently displays each stone and is an extremely versatile piece. If you're looking to really shine, we offer tennis chains up to 12MM for that big stone and big shine. Rather have a more affordable and subtle piece? We offer 5MM and 8MM tennis chains for those looking to stand out but not as much. These sizes are classy enough to dress up for special events while staying casual enough to throw on when you're just wearing a shirt and jeans.