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Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Iced Out Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Add some flair to your outfit with one of our iced out Cubans and diamond tennis bracelets. We offer an option for any budget. With plated and solid options for materials and lab diamonds and natural diamonds available for ice, we have all the bases covered and have a piece available for any price range.

A tennis bracelet has a continuous and complete strand of either real diamonds or CZs, for an elegant and classy look. They can be worn every day or just at formal occasions – depends on how you style it! They can be adorned with small or large stones or diamonds.

Looking for a piece that's refined and tasteful, yet still has some shine to it? Look no further than our tennis bracelets. These iced out pieces are usually thin and simple in design, leading to a sleek and elegant piece that doesn't draw too much attention. We offer plated 18K Gold tennis bracelets, but we also have solid gold versions available as special order.