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Did you know that you can further customize your grill beyond the metal and precious stones used? If you want your grillz to showcase each individual tooth, you can achieve that by getting deep-cut grillz.

Below, we answer what deep-cut grillz are, what the different types of grillz cuts are, and how to choose your metal and set type.


What exactly are Deep Cut Grillz?

Differentiating between Grillz, Perm Cut Grillz, and Deep Cut Grillz

Your standard grillz often come as one solid mouthpiece, which is the class look with only minimal indentions between each tooth. Perm-cut grillz, on the other hand, have no metal in between the teeth, which gives the illusion of permanent grillz.

Lastly, deep-cut grillz are a type of piece in which the metal area between the teeth is molded to a snug fit. This type of grillz resembles permanent grillz - but without the long-term commitment.

Why Deep Cut Grillz is the Top Trend Today

Deep-cut grillz are made to be thicker and more durable than your regular mouthpiece. They are also molded to look like your teeth, which gives them a more natural appearance - similar to what permanent grillz offer.

Since the cuts in between each tooth are more pronounced, not only will deep cut grillz help your accessory look natural but they also look more professional and neat. Moreover, you won’t need to commit long-term as deep-cut grillz are just as easy to remove as they are to snap back on.


Choosing Between Solid Gold and Diamond Grillz

No matter the type of grillz you purchase, you are sure to make a bold statement. There are many options on the market and it can be a little overwhelming when narrowing down your choice. The two main contenders especially for those purchasing their first set are solid gold grillz and diamond grillz.

Those looking for a more traditional and classic look will love the solid gold grillz. However, if you are looking for something that emphasizes your personality more, iced-out diamond grillz would be the ultimate show-stopper. Consider your accessory goals when weighing out the decision between deep-cut grillz vs regular grillz.


When Grillz and Diamonds Meet: The Diamond Grillz Collection

Opting for diamond grillz gives you ultimate freedom of customization. With so many variations and options, you're going to be able to find the perfect fit for your style and personality.

You can choose to have a fully iced set, a mix of solid and diamond, or even different diamond cuts in one piece. Beyond that, you may also choose from solid colors, tri-color options or zigzag settings for added style.

Moreover, the metal base of your grill can be customized to your liking as well.


How Cut and Color Play into the Gold Grillz Style

Similar to purchasing engagement rings and other fine jewelry, the cut of the diamond can make a huge impact on the overall style of the piece. The more rare and precious the cut, the more valuable your grillz will be. Premium cuts also tend to sparkle better, which saves you from a day of dull smiles.

Color also plays an important role in the overall look of your gold grillz. Depending on your lifestyle and how you present yourself daily, your grillz can easily complete the look and complement the style you are trying to carry out.

Is White Gold an Option? Grillz in Different Metal Types

Yes, white gold is an option in grillz! You can opt for solid gold, gold plated, white gold, silver grillz, and more.

Difference Between Top, Bottom, and Full Set

When purchasing grillz, you can opt to just have either your top teeth or bottom teeth accessorized, or choose a full set that covers both your top and bottom rows and gives the maximum grill effect. 

If you're looking for something a little more subtle or you're just starting out, you always have the option to adorn a single tooth (or a few select teeth) with metal or precious stones. 

No matter your style preference, there is a mouthpiece out there for you.

Difference Between Top, Bottom, and Full Set

How Custom Gold Grillz Can Offer a Fit for Everyone

Gold grillz come in either pre-made grillz sets or custom-fit pieces. Those who opt for ready-made can enjoy more affordable options that are available right away. However, if you want ultimate comfort and the perfect fit, having your grillz custom-made to fit your teeth and their specific form is the best choice.

Custom grillz are made by first getting a mold of your teeth and then using that mold to create your final grillz.


Bar Grillz and Open Face Grillz: The Intricate Designs

Another type of grillz style is bar grillz. With this style, only your bottom fangs are completely covered with a metal bridge sitting atop the other teeth, connecting the two fangs.

Open face grillz are also quite popular. They often come in full sets and their distinguishable feature is the hollow portion between each tooth.

Grillz Offerings: 10K, 14K, 18K and Even Two Tone

K stands for karats and it is used to express the purity of the gold. For instance, 24k gold is 100% pure and the smaller the number, the lesser the purity level is.

10K gold is about 41.7% pure, with 14K and 18K being 58.3% and 75% respectively.

Both 14K and 18K gold are the most used types for rings, watches, and other types of jewelry.

Two-tone gold refers to grillz that use more than one color of gold such as a mix of white, yellow, or rose. To check more details on the purity levels and colors, you can find more information on the Custom Gold Grillz website.

Grillz Offerings: 10K, 14K, 18K and Even Two Tone

Making the Right Investment: Classic vs Trendy

When it comes to choosing between a classic set and a trendy mouthpiece, there is no right or wrong choice. The best way to determine which one is the right investment for you is by assessing your preferences, style, and how you want to express your personality when wearing your grillz.

Some people purchase a classic piece for more sophisticated events, and a trendy one fit for a night out or special parties. You can find both and more at the Custom Gold Grillz website, as well as more information on what are deep-cut grillz, diamond grillz, and other options available.

Custom Gold Grillz

Frequently Asked Questions About Grillz Product

Are deep cut grillz available in 10K?

Yes, deep cut grillz are available in 10K, 14K, and 18K gold.

Are deep-cut grillz permanent?

Deep-cut grillz are not permanent but they do resemble permanent grillz due to the way they are molded between the teeth and cover each tooth individually.

Can deep-cut grillz help fill the gap in teeth?

Yes, custom-made deep-cut grillz can be designed to fit over gaps left by missing teeth.

Are solid gold grillz better than deep cut grillz?

Solid gold grillz are more classic looking while deep cut grillz offer a more natural fit. One is not better than the other since it all boils down to your style and preferences.

Wrap Up

If this post helped you decide on which style of grillz is right for you, or if you want to browse our options, visit the Custom Gold Grillz online store now.