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If you have ever wondered “where to get gold grillz near me”, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we list down the top 10 places to get gold grillz, how to choose between custom-made or pre-made, and how you can check the quality of your grillz.

where to get gold grillz near me

Where can I find the Best Gold Grillz near me?

1. Custom Gold Grillz

Custom Gold Grillz

Custom Gold Grillz offers a wide range of pieces from high-quality pre-made grillz to custom-fit products with your choice of precious rocks. They maintain a high standard of quality without scrimping on material.

Moreover, they have highly affordable pieces for those looking to get a simple piece or those still starting with their very first set of grillz. What’s great about purchasing from Custom Gold Grillz is that you are not only assured of the quality of the material but also the precision of the cut. Every order comes with a mold kit to ensure you get the exact size made and designed for you.

2. Amazon


The internet is a goldmine (pun intended) for almost everything nowadays - even gold grillz. Amazon is one of the best online retailers that houses gold grillz from multiple sellers. Here, you have many options to choose from at competitive prices. However, you risk receiving products produced at a much lower standard than you expected. 

3. Walmart


If you are looking for a retailer with brick-and-mortar locations that sell gold grillz, Walmart is your next best bet. With its chain of discount department stores, Walmart is a good source for affordable, entry-level gold grillz.

4. Local Jewelry Store

Local Jewelry Store

If your nearest Walmart doesn’t have high-quality grillz in stock, a good place to look is at a local jewelry store. Since gold grillz is considered jewelry and holds a hefty price tag, the jewelry store in your town may have all the right precious metals, diamonds, and other accessories to bring your custom grill to life.

5. Etsy


Etsy is a wonderful online space for all things custom-made. This website houses a large number of independent artists, each offering services relating to their craft. Custom-made grillz can be purchased through the Etsy website or mobile app with all the specific personalization elements you want on your mouthpiece.

6. Facebook


Many sellers are more active on Facebook since they either do not have a physical store or they have yet to invest in their website. You can find many options for custom gold grillz makers on the social media app. It is highly recommended to look through the reviews and have a thorough conversation with the sellers first before purchasing from them.

7. Instagram


Another social media platform where you can find a range of custom gold grillz sellers is Instagram. Compared to Facebook's strength being photos and informative captions, Instagram is big on videos and reels. This allows you to check the items from all angles and also get a better idea of what the seller has to offer. Just the same, we suggest reading testimonials from past customers and speaking with the sellers directly to get a feel of whether or not they are the seller for you.

8. TikTok


TikTok has certainly strengthened its shopping category with many of its online sellers having a convenient one-stop E-commerce solution to all their needs. Not only can sellers input product details, but their customers can also check out and engage in post-payment activities all within the app. Here, you can find multiple videos of custom gold grillz available for purchase.

The Top Gold Grillz Shops Near Me

custom gold grillz

Of all the sources available today, having a certified jewelry supplier that sells both custom grills and pre-made grillz near you is the best way to shop for these accessories. Grillz are a big investment, especially when you want to get diamond grillz and other precious stones on your authentic gold or silver mouthpiece.

While your local jeweler may be a good bet, nothing tops a retailer that specializes in designing, creating, and providing solid gold grillz. Not only do specialized stores have a better understanding of the craft, but they can also source the best quality materials for this specific accessory. More often than not, specialized stores can also offer the best prices. For these reasons, we recommend buying your gold grillz from Custom Gold Grillz.

Why Custom Gold Grillz?

Why Custom Gold Grillz?

Custom Gold Grillz has a wide range of high-quality premade mouthpieces and personalized grillz adorned with natural diamonds. We value traditional techniques when creating each piece, but also respect the importance of incorporating advanced technology. This way, we keep the core of the craft intact while ensuring precision and modernization in each custom gold grill we make.

We offer grillz that don't tarnish, have a thick plating, and last each wearer a very long time. We also make it a point to keep our collections competitively priced to ensure you get the most value for your hard-earned money.

Don't just take our word for it - read what past customers have to say about their experience with Custom Gold Grillz here.

How Are Returns and Refunds Processed

Made-to-order grillz are created to fit your specific mold impression alone. That means that your grillz won't be suitable for anyone else, which is why all sales are final once we begin production. However, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority, and we offer seven days for you to try your grillz and notify us if there are any issues or defects with the piece. We're happy to give a free adjustment within this period to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your grillz from Custom Gold Grillz.

For pre-made grillz, a 30-day window is available for refunds or returns. However, the products must not be used, damaged, or altered to ensure they are in resalable condition.

Is There Financing Available?

Custom Gold Grillz ShopPay

Financing is available. You have the option to finance with ShopPay, which can be done either in full or in installments, or through Affirm, which you can ues to pay over time. If you opt for monthly installments, we offer 0% interest rates along with long-term payment plans. This ensures that our custom gold grillz are accessible and attainable by a wide market.

How Can Custom Gold Grillz Be Contacted?

How Can Custom Gold Grillz Be Contacted?

Every Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm PST, our customer support hotline is open at (415) 413-4915.

You may also email support@customgoldgrillz.com or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Another way to get in touch with us is through our website where you can opt to send a message or reach us through Live Chat.

We value communication and convenience for all our customers, which is why we make it a point to be reachable through multiple channels.

Custom-Made or Pre-Made Gold Grillz - Which is best?

Custom-made or pre-made gold grillz - Which is the best?

We offer both custom-made and pre-made gold grillz. While both are of impressive quality, we break down the key differences between the two below so you can more easily decide which is best for you.

Custom Grillz Vs. Ready-Made: What's the Difference?

  • Custom grillz are specifically made with an impression of your teeth and arrangement. This is to ensure it will fit your mouth with utmost precision.
  • Custom grillz offer a more comfortable fit.
  • Custom grillz can be designed however you please - with precious stones, natural diamonds, a gold or silver grillz metal base, and more customization options.
  • Ready-made grillz can be delivered right away without needing to wait for custom production.

How can I Assure the Quality of the Grillz I Buy?

 How can I assure the quality of the grillz I buy?

The best way to ensure the quality of your grillz is by purchasing from a certified grillz supplier. Professionals can discuss the specifics with you, such as metal type, the best diamonds, and the different options you have when it comes to price range and preferences.

It is important to remember that quality jewelry comes with a price and that getting it at a cheap price is not necessarily a steal. Take into consideration the current market price for precious metals, the technology and skills it takes to design and create the grillz, and also the quality of customer service you are provided.

Here at Custom Gold Grillz, we’re happy to walk you through the entire process and answer any concerns or questions you may have. So the next time you wonder “Where can I get gold grillz near me”, you know where to look.