May 02, 2022 3 min read

Can You Get a grill with Crooked Teeth?

Most people feel uncomfortable talking about their imperfections all the more when those imperfections can easily be noticed by someone, like crooked teeth, for example. It gets somehow annoying to have so many restrictions when talking, to laugh, smiling, and especially when you can't buy that blinding diamond grillz online that you want to get worse, but you think it's not going to work for that crooked teeth you have. So many people have this kind of problem and a mindset where you believe you have some limitations. However, just because you got those crooked teeth doesn't mean you can't accessorize them. 

Nowadays, Grillz are mostly a fashion statement worn by so many people. Why settle for regular fake teeth when you can have these shiny grillz to cover your crooked or chipped teeth, right? These are unique types of Jewelry, really fun to wear, and they can represent your style, and only you can wear them. There is no limit as to what you can get for a style. We can do fully iced out, solid ones, and even a customized piece that you saw on the internet.

You don't need perfectly straight teeth to get that icy grillz or the classic gold ones. The molds that we obtain from you will allow us to custom make any grillz you want and fit your teeth. So whether they are crooked or chipped, we can always make a way to make a custom piece for you. We can make it how your actual teeth look, straightening the grillz as well, so it seems naturally straight. There is seemingly no end to the different and unique custom designs grillz that you can get but what's important is that you can smile without feeling insecure and less confident about your teeth.

It doesn't matter if it's crooked, chipped, or missing, as molds are used to design the grill to fit your teeth. It all comes down to the mold. So even if you have crooked, chipped, or missing teeth, a mold can be taken from your mouth, which is used to help you get the custom grillz that you've been longing for.

 How To Make Grillz Fit Your Teeth

So most people ask, "how do you fit or wear the grillz?" Wearing a pair of grillz is as simple as putting on a dental retainer. Firmly place the grillz over your regular teeth and adjust to the shape of the teeth, if needed. For the pre-made grillz that come in one size and fit most adult teeth, you can place the silicone bar between the prongs and secure it in place. Wait for about 30 seconds for the silicone bar to harden, and you are good to go.

Possible Causes of Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth for both baby and permanent teeth can come in crooked or become one. Crooked teeth can be caused by many factors, including prolonged childhood habits such as minor thumb sucking or sucking on a pacifier. Heredity and Genetics may also play a role. If one or both of your parents had crowded or crooked teeth, you may, too. You may also inherit an overbite or underbite from your parents. Poor dental care, poor nutrition, a facial injury, or just having a small jaw can cause crooked teeth.

Some people may feel so self-conscious about their crooked teeth that they stop smiling or avoid social situations, and the decision to straighten crooked teeth is a personal one. For many, a lack of funds or dental health insurance may affect a decision to straighten teeth. So we want to offer that smile back by giving you the experience you may not have expected to be there. A custom grillz of your choice can cover crooked teeth or chipped teeth. You can always have an option to either get a grillz with a refined look, or you may also get one that looks exactly like your crooked teeth, as imperfect teeth can be memorable and unique.


Most people often have concerns about getting Grillz because of the way that their teeth are. However, it's not that big of an issue as you might think. There are options available that can help you get the smile you want. Embracing yourself with all your blemishes goes a long way in getting that self-confidence boost back. A change in attitude might work wonders to smile more and be proud of who you are. So get that favorite grillz you saw on the internet the other day, wear them over your crooked teeth, walk proud and smile. 

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