May 02, 2022 2 min read

Can You Eat With Your Grillz On? 

Quite excited to have a grill but concerned whether or not you will be able to eat with them on? Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, you physically can. But no, we don’t recommend you do so. Here’s why:

Why you should take off your Grillz when eating

  1. Food will leave a greasy residue on your grillz. 
  2. Food particles will become stuck between your grillz and teeth, allowing bacteria to flourish and eventually lead to cavity formation. 
  3. Rough food can scratch your grillz.

Spending a lot of money on custom grillz is no joke, so you should do your best to take care of them. One way to do so is to take them off before eating to retain their luster and sheen, which will keep them looking as if you just purchased them. 


It is advised that you brush your teeth in the intervals between eating and re-applying the grillz. When you are finished, you should check your mouth to ensure no food debris remain that might become lodged between your teeth and grillz, resulting in cavities. 

Furthermore, if you opt to eat while wearing your grillz, you increase the probability that your grillz will be scratched and, or worse, destroyed. Solid gold grillz are delicate since gold is a soft and light metal, although valuable. Therefore, it is expected your gold grillz to be damaged if you consume any sticky or crunchy food. 

If you are adamant about eating with your grillz on, though, there are a handful of things you can do to keep both your grillz and your teeth clean. To begin, we recommend cleaning your grillz once or twice a day, as well as brushing your teeth as frequently as you can. 

As you may have guessed, chewing gum while wearing grillz is not recommended since the gum may be attached to the gold. With that being said, the most effective strategy to combat bad breath is to rinse your mouth and grillz with mouthwash, brush your teeth as often as possible, and drink plenty of water to keep your teeth and gums moisturized. Also, try to take off your grillz regularly and slush water around your teeth to try to wash away any bacteria or germs that have accumulated over the day to help keep your mouth clean. 


So, Can I Eat With My Grillz On Or Not?

The bottom line for people asking if they should eat with their grillz is that it is notrecommended if you want to maintain the quality of your gold grillz and proper oral hygiene. Furthermore, if you have diamond grillz or iced-out pieces, we recommend youavoideating food with them on even more since food will undoubtedly be trapped in the tiny prongs used to hold the diamonds in place. 

To prevent cavities and unpleasant breath, brush your teeth between wearing grillz and slush water in your mouth to prevent any loose food particles from settling between your teeth and your grillz when you put them back on.