How the Joker Made the Suicide Squad Movie A Bang

In every movie, there is always a villain. Villains are what make movies fun, exciting and thrilling. Without these villains, you have to admit, movies are going to get boring. There are a lot of kinds and levels of villains. The most basic villain does not cause too much distraction nor crimes. These are the kinds of villains or antagonists who just make issues and are a major hindrance to your plans and dreams. The worst kind of villains are on the level where they cause too much mass distraction and endanger the welfare of everyone. These kinds of villains are the ones that appear in action hero movies and this is where the fictional character Joker falls under.


The Enemy of Batman

The Joker is known as the mortal enemy of Batman. The fictional character Joker has long existed for decades and is by everyone from young to old ages whether they are a fan of Batman or not. Joker's wit and charisma still linger up to this day.  Recently, he was one of the villain-heroes in the movie the Suicide Squad.Most of the times, the Joker can only be seen in the Batman Movies or the Batman series, but lately the fictional character Joker has been integrated into a movie, the Suicide Squad;carrying with him his signature Joker teeth also commonly known as the Joker grill.  Even though the fictional character, Joker, has different Joker makeupin its different movies and series, he is still the same character that everyone has come to know him as. Some find the joker's cosmetics or makeup scary, often comparing it to ghosts. For some however, they see it as a very artistic and creative way in portraying the Joker. The Joker makeupis also one of the things that make up the fictional character, Joker. Without this signature Joker makeup even though they are being presented differently, is what makes Joker, Joker. It is the kind of face and role that is being instilled and established into the viewers and watchers.


The Joker's Character

It is never easy to find an actor that would suit the fictional character, the Joker. A lot has to be put into the role of Joker, and most of them played a pretty good role in portraying the fictional character. In the movie the Suicide Squad,there were two main scenes where Joker was highlighted. His wit and ever jolly personality are a few of the reasons why people loved the movie.


The fictional character was known to have been introduced to the public in the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Though the fictional character's name is Joker, sometimes, when people hear his name, they tend to get scared and horrified. Maybe this is because of the character being portrayed in movies. People usually have a scary idea about a Joker; instead of it being a funny clown, it turned out to be a scary maniac clown destroying the world and a mortal enemy of one of the great superheroes. Well, that's quite ironic.

Joker Suicide Squad Batman Costume