Different Types of Gold Grillz

Grillz - that is the name conventionally accepted these days, is a customized set of teeth made from gold and are placed on the teeth. A lot of celebrities are wearing them recently. Most people think that this fashion trend just started recently, but this was once worn by Flavor Flav back in the 80s. He started it out as an accessory worn by young hip-hop artists, and it even reached its peak during the primal days of Southern rap. These days, not only hip hop artists are wearing them - it has even become a girly thing. If you love to wear grillz with real diamonds, you have to know the different types, Instant, Custom, and Permanent, so you can know which one will suit your smile perfectly.


Permanent Grills

If you are fully committed to wearing 14k grillz teeth for the long term, this is the perfect option for you. There is no need to take them off as they are permanently attached to your teeth. Just like braces, you can only take them off if you make a visit to your grills shop to have them permanently removed. But you know what the good thing about permanent grills is? They are ultimately the best accessory that is worn by the hippest and coolest rappers in the industry. And of course, the price tag is something to brag about, as it represents the value of the accessory. Mostly permanent grillz cover the entire set of teeth.



This is the more common type and does sound like a mass produced kind of accessory, but it still got its point right with the dazzle and bling. Unlike the permanent type, these are considered dental covers that are created based on the mold of your teeth. You can wear and remove it anytime you want. The choice of metals to be used for creating this is limited and less customizable. However, they are a great choice if you prefer attention to yourself and want to show your glitzy smile.


Custom Sets

The custom grill real diamonds are the perfect choice to go with if you are looking for something like a better fit to your smile and have a wider range of choices. These grills are like a combination of instant and permanent. You buy a molding kit that is offered with the permanent type, wherein you mold in your teeth then send it back to the manufacturer to have them build your grillz according to your preferences. The greatest advantage of this type is that you get to customize the finish and get the kind of look that you really prefer. The only disadvantage is that you have to wait for the Grillz to be sent to you, since it will take time to make your order, depending on how complex your preferred design is.

Choose one now and get your own style.

Custom 12 Tooth Iced out Gold Grill