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Gold Chains - Solid Gold Cuban, Franco, and Rope Chains

Iconic Solid Gold Hip Hop Chains

Gold chains are some of the most prolific symbols of hip hop jeweler. When you're talking about chains, nothing is more iconic than classic solid gold Cuban chains, Franco chains, or solid gold rope chains. Each one has their own unique style and weight and pricing can go from affordable to very expensive.

As hip hop has become more ingrained in modern culture, so too has the iconic Miami link Cuban chain. This classic style of chain can be seen anywhere around the world and comes in many different colors, materials, and variations.

The Miami link Cuban chain is one of the many variations of cable chains with oval links and stylish details that give each chain its heft and unique looks. While Miami Cuban Link chains and Curb Link Chains may physically look similar, there are quite a few characteristics that separate them. The first difference is in the way the links are made. Cubans links are thicker and more round on top and bottom of the chain, leading to a bigger and heavier chain with more gold content.

Franco chains are some of the most iconic hip hop chains. Based off the curb pattern used by Italian craftsmen, the piece places two to four curb links against each other and the V shaped links are woven together to create the iconic Franco link.

Rope Chains are made by using many small links which are partially joined in order to create the twisting strands of string. This style of necklace is very strong and versatile and perfect for those looking add a pendant onto the chain.