December 15, 2022 4 min read

Throughout the years, gold chains have remained a timeless accessory for men. Despite its association with social class and status, gold chains have become more accessible to people, though still considered a luxury due to their high cost.

The tradition of wearing gold chains dates back to ancient times, with religious and cultural significance. Nowadays, it has evolved to become a popular accessory among hip hop artists and enthusiasts alike. Regardless of the passing trends, gold chains always remain fashionable and complement any outfit.

Gold chains come in various styles and sizes, with some possessing unique characteristics and designs that set them apart from the rest.

Categorically, gold chains can be grouped into three classifications: classic, modern, and texture design chains. Each group comprises different types of chains with their own distinct features. 

11 Main Types of Gold Chain Links

Miami Cuban Link: 

The Miami Cuban Link is a popular style among men; known in Spanish as  Cadena de Eslavon Cubano; it is a variation of the cable link. It is a classic chain with oval-shaped links which is round and thick on both sides, forming a twisting rope-like pattern. It is the strongest among gold chains because of its thickness.

Franco Link Chain: 

Extremely popular because of its unique, flexible, and sturdy design. Originated in Italy and inspired by Cuban chains, the Franco combines two to four curb necklaces flat against each other. This type of chain is perfect for holding heavy pendants; that is why it is trendy in hip-hop culture, especially among rappers.

Figaro Link Chain

The Figaro Link Chain is also of Italian origin and was named after the famous Italian opera The Marriage of Figaro, a classic flat chain type of the curb model. It incorporates two or three tiny circular links with one elongated oval link. This style is suitable for both men and women.

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Rope Chain

The Rope Chain is composed of two thick strands of many tiny links, twisted together to create a rope-like effect. Rope chains date back to at least 2500 B.C., when Ancient Egyptians started threading gold and silver together. This style is best suited with pendants, the most durable and versatile among gold chains.

Box Chains

Box Chains are a part of a series of modern necklace chains. It is also referred to asbriolette or “Venetian chain.”It is made of a round wire that is flattened and formed into a series of box-like links. This type of chain is strong and doesn’t break easily, but if one part fall or breaks, jewelers can easily replace it without damaging its appearance. Men and women wear it, but broader models are more prevalent among men. Box chains are also great for hanging pendants, being one of the sturdiest types of chain.

Moon Cut Link

One of the newest chains in the market, this style features round or oval beads fixed along a chain or easily sliding along it. Each ball features moon-cut and diamond-cut patterns that reflect light, making it shine.

Byzantine Link

Byzantine Link is a variation of the box chain. The name came from its place of origin - the Byzantine Empire. It can also be called: idiot’s delight chain, birdcage chain, or king’s braid chan. It is an intricate metal design incorporating a rope-like texture and organic textural design, which is 4 in 1, meaning each link passes through four others.

Herringbone Chain Link

The Herringbone Chain Link has the most significant liquid effect among the different chain types, formed by several V-shaped flat links. Engraving one side of this chain is an option or has different gold colors twisted together.

Rolo Chain Links

Rolo Chain Links are often used for charm bracelets. It features round or oval links and is usually smaller and thicker than cable chains. It is suitable to be worn with a pendant.

The Ball Chain Link 

The Ball Chain Link has round beads or metal balls fixed to the chain instead of the usual open link. The balls can either be hollow (to reduce weight) or solid, arranged at regular intervals close together or spaced apart. This chain is usually used for dog tags or as a base for large-hole jewelry and is commonly finished with a ball chain connector at the ends.

Cable Chain Links

Cable Chain Links are the most common of classic chain types and a smaller version of the ship anchor’s chain. It consists of oval or round links, interlocked in an identical pattern, horizontally and vertically. A variation of this style with fine links is called a trace chain.

In conclusion, while the aforementioned chains are commonly available in the market, there exist numerous other popular styles. Although finding the perfect type of chain may present a challenge, it is worth noting that a classic chain is a safe and timeless choice.

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