November 09, 2015 4 min read

The Difference between Gold Plated and Solid Gold Jewelry

Have you check out our website and saw the words gold plated grillz and wondered what exactly that meant? What’s the difference between solid gold jewelry and gold plated jewelry? If you have ever asked yourself this question and wondered if this difference affects the quality and price, then this article is a must read!

Solid 24k carat gold jewelry is made entirely out of pure gold. You can tell if jewelry is made out of pure gold if it has a 24 carat gold stamp. Gold is measured based on the carat standard. The percentage of gold in the jewelry goes down as you decrease number of carats. Solid 18k and 14k gold jewlery is made almost entirely out of pure gold, but can also include other metals such as copper to strengthen the jewelry.


What is Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold plated jewelry is made from other metals such as brass and covered on the outside by a thin layer of gold. This is usually done by using electricity and chemicals to bond the gold to the metal. These jewelry items have the look of gold but are not solid gold.


Gold Plated Jewelry

Plated Grillz Fitting Process 

Because the plated grillz come in one standard size, you won’t have to make an impression. You just purchase your grillz, and it comes with everything you need to adjust your mouth piece for the most comfortable fit. You’ll start by carefully bending the mouthpiece to fit the shape of your teeth. Adjust the prongs until it fits comfortably and snugly in place.

Pros and Cons of Solid Gold Jewelry

Solid 24k gold jewelry items are soft and malleable. Gold has a very easy time warping and bending. Solid gold is not normally a great choice for rings because the gold loop and the gold prongs will lose their integrity much faster than other metals. On the other hand, gold-plated jewelry is much stronger than solid gold and can endure more abuse from everyday wear.

Solid gold jewelry is very valuable and very expensive. While gold plated jewelry is significantly less expensive than gold jewelry, gold jewelry will hold better over the years. Solid gold jewelry will also not tarnish over time since gold is extremely resistant. The metal under gold plated jewelry will tarnish over the years and cause discoloration if not properly cleaned.

Solid Gold Jewelry



Custom Fitted Grillz Fitting Process

When you order your custom grillz, you’ll receive everything you need to create an impression of your teeth. The process takes around 10 minutes, and you can enlist the help of a local dentist if you don’t feel confident to do it alone. To make an impression, you will mix the white and blue putty for 30 seconds. Continue to knead it and roll it together until it blends into one color. Then roll it up into a sausage shape and place it in the included tray.Carefully use your fingers to lift up your lip and put the tray in your mouth, pushing upwards to force your teeth into the putty. The putty should completely cover your teeth and gum line.Hold the putty tray in place for 6 minutes and then gently wiggle it off of your teeth. Be careful not to jerk the mold in a downwards motion, or this could ruin your impression. When the mold is finished, you should be able to see the shape of your teeth and your gum line.Place the completed molds into the bag and then mail it back using the prepaid shipping label and instructions that came with your kit. Once we receive your mold, our jeweler will create your custom fitted pure gold grillz and then ship them back to you.


Which Is Right For You? Solid Or Plated Jewelry

The debate over which type of jewelry to choose depends on the what your looking for. We can answer this question by comparing gold teeth grillz, one of the most popular hip hop fashion fads of this century. Gold teeth are made from creating a custom mold of a person’s mouth. Placing jewlery in your teeth creates an interesting challenge to maintain the integrity of the jewelry. The mouth can be moist and the acids there can damage the jewelry. Choosing solid gold teeth or 14k gold plated teeth depends on your budget and how long you plan on wearing the grillz for.

Solid gold teeth have an excellent, beautiful shine and don’t decay over time. However, the gold is so soft that it will easily bend with time in one’s mouth. On the other hand gold plated grillz are very sturdy. Since they are plated with gold, they are also very shiny. The plated teeth may not last as long as the solid gold teeth though because the metal will tarnish from use over time.

Solid gold teeth can cost hundreds of dollars while our premade gold plated teeth start at only 9.99 here at Custom Gold Grillz. We offer many other types of jewelry such as stainless steel grillz. We designed these grillz so they will not tarnish over time. If you are looking for a pair of grillz that you can wear at a party or a get together for a cheap price our gold plated grillz are the smarter choice!