February 03, 2023 3 min read

As a leading authority in the realm of dental jewelry, we, at Custom Gold Grillz, are passionate about helping you shine in the most literal sense. As experts in grillz and all things jewelry, we also extend our expertise to provide guidance on tooth gems for those intrigued by this trend.


When industry heavyweights like Bieber, Kanye, Pink, and Weezy start rocking diamond-lit smiles, it's easy to be caught up in the icy cool of such stunning fashion. The shift from the understated elegance of traditional white teeth to the glamor of diamond-studded grillz has given rise to a fashionable dental trend that's hard to ignore.

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Are Permanent Tooth Gems Possible?

An increasing number of folks are thinking about enhancing their look or boosting their self-esteem with permanent tooth diamonds; after all, who can resist the charm of a twinkling smile? Fortunately, there are plenty of skilled professionals who can expertly install these gems, provided you know the right places to seek them out. Here at Custom Gold Grillz, we advise you to go with professional services to prevent potential complications; some providers even back their work with warranties. The process of installing and removing these gems is quick and easy, with certified dentists capable of removing them without leaving a trace. What's more, the removal process requires no drilling or discomforting shots.

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How do Diamonds Get Attached to the Teeth?

The method used to attach diamonds or gemstones to the teeth is called tooth piercing. Despite its name, it doesn't involve drilling a hole through the tooth. The procedure is akin to dental bonding used for fillings, where the gems are securely attached to the teeth. These gems can be placed centrally, slightly towards the back, or at the bottom, depending on your personal style. Although the gems are considered to be permanent, they can be removed by a dentist. As the gems are placed superficially on the tooth, no damage is done to the tooth and maintaining dental hygiene with a regular toothbrush is not a problem.

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What's the Longevity of a Diamond on a Tooth?

Dental jewelry professionally installed, including diamonds, typically lasts from six to twenty-four months. Most tooth gems are known to stay firmly in place, however, there have been a few cases of gems being swallowed, usually due to a weak bonding adhesive. This commonly occurs when individuals choose non-accredited dental services in an attempt to cut costs. While we don't discourage saving money, we recommend going to professionals who can securely attach the gems to ensure your safety. Wearing the gems for a prolonged period can potentially damage teeth due to worn-out bonding that may lead to enamel erosion.

The process of removing the gems is similar to that of removing a dental bracket, ensuring your enamel stays safe from long-term damage. After removal, a dentist can polish the area and apply fluoride.

While the service can be done at a cosmetic dentist's office or some tattoo studios, we advise opting for a dentist due to their familiarity with the chemicals used in the bonding process.

How much does it cost to get diamonds on your teeth?

The average price to affix a single natural diamond on a tooth is about $2000, with the total cost varying from $10,000 to $15,000, depending on the size and quality of the diamond, and the quantity of gems desired. This makes diamond enhancements one of the most expensive cosmetic dental treatments available today. A more affordable alternative is removeable diamond grillz. Shown below are some diamond grillz Custom Gold Grillz has made for @trailortrash

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What are the potential risks involved?

DIY kits pose a significant risk due to uncertainty about the ingredients of the application agents and the potential for improper application, leading to increased chances of enamel degradation. Moreover, it becomes crucial to maintain excellent hygiene to prevent food particles from lodging around the jewelry, leading to bacterial growth and subsequent dental problems.

While tooth gems offer a discrete dazzle to your smile, we can't overlook the bling of grillz as a high-impact alternative. Grillz, made popular in the hip-hop scene, deliver a unique statement that's entirely customizable to your style. From gold to platinum, encrusted with diamonds or fashioned with intricate designs, grillz serve as a removable, yet highly expressive extension of your personality. Unlike the permanence of tooth gems, grillz offer the flexibility of changing up your look while ensuring the brilliance of your smile remains unscathed. Want some examples of the different styles you can get? Check out this collection by Custom Gold Grillz, the leader in custom gold and diamond grillz.