December 23, 2019 2 min read

It's no secret that rappers and hip hop artists get a lot of attention wherever they go and whatever they do. From shopping for sneakers to add to their ever-growing collection, to filling arenas, attending fashion shows, or hanging out with other celebrities, whatever the time, place, or reason, these ballers have all eyes on them. 

It comes as no surprise, too, when they find themselves face to face with the law: from DUIs to theft and robbery to other grievous criminal activities, you name it, and it probably has been done. This year though, Lil Jon’s detention is the so-called icing on the cake. Last month, the rapper was detained by local authorities in Vietnam for six hours—the reason? For being too icy! 

Vietnamese TSA agents detained the rapper slash producer in Tan Son Nhat International Airport last November 16, for failing to declare his possession of jewelry that far exceeded the $12,000-worth mark.

“I was detained for about six hours because of my jewelry, which was also temporarily seized,” Lil Jon later said in a statement. He added, “I was not aware that, when arriving, you have to declare any jewelry that exceeds $12,000 US dollars, and the jewelry I had with me was worth over $400,000.” 

lil jon detained airport jewelry too much driplil jon us embassy detained airport too much jewelry drip

During his detainment at the airport, the rapper posted stories on his Instagram, one of which showed a glimpse of the lion pendant and chain that he recently bought from Johnny Dang. The custom pendant and Gucci Mariner-like chain, fully bustdown with 150 carats of diamonds, was delivered by The King of Bling himself in early September and enjoyed a special appearance during Lil Jon’s performance in Las Vegas. It took a brief turn around the stage, carried by Johnny Dang.

With such a striking piece in tow, along with several other heavy, hard-hitting chains and accessories, likely with hefty price tags, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Lil Jon’s jewelry collection is too icy to be legal! 

Thankfully, with the assistance of the US Embassy in Vietnam, the Atlanta-native was later released and was able to make it in time for his flight to a scheduled performance at Club Cubic in Macau.