November 02, 2022 4 min read

Grillz have been an iconic part of hip hop culture since the 1980s and continue to be a daring fashion statement today. From the streets of Los Angeles to the runways of New York Fashion Week, grillz have gained widespread popularity. However, many people still have a fixed idea that grillz are just plain gold teeth, while in reality, gold and silver grillz come in a variety of styles and cuts suitable for different occasions and everyday wear.

So whether you are looking for a typical but sleek solid gold grill, an iced diamond grill, or an entirely custom-made grill that has never been seen before, the sky is the limit when it comes to grill design options. But how do you choose the perfect style for you when there are so many options? 

To obtain the look you want, you'll need to pick which grill type best suits you and your personality - the vibe you want to give off, the design that you believe best symbolizes you.But if you can't decide, we suggest going for the classic solid gold grillz set - you can add diamond cuts, diamond dust, or both. An open-faced grill is a good option if you want something light. On the other hand, choosing a fully iced outset is the best option if you are a heavy hitter.


Diamond Cuts

First off, let's discuss the diamond cuts. This style doesn't refer to actual diamonds - they don't have a single one. Instead, the term refers to the diamond patterns on the grillz's surface. This design is repeatedly pounded on the grill, which creates an astounding reflective effect when light shines on them. The design comes in silver and gold - because who doesn't like options? The "diamond cut" refers to the shape in a geometric sense - the rhombus. These cuts on your grillz will not make the grillz less flashy. However, it will make your grillz stand out from other pattern-free solid slugs. Princess cuts are one of the most common subtypes: the pattern comes in vertical and horizontal lines, and it, like the conventional diamond cuts, also has a reflective effect when lights hit it. Trillionaire grillz or trillion cuts - is another prevalent subtype of the diamond cuts. It comes with a myriad of diamonds with lots of glints that would make you stand out among the crowd when you use this. Finally, with gnarly and jagged cuts comes to the alligator cuts. These designs are distinct from one another, yet they all have the same purpose: to make a grill shine more than a plain solid one. 

Diamond Dust

Yet another subtype of the diamond cut family is the diamond dust. The striking difference between the diamond cuts and dust is the sparkling and brilliant finish on the diamond dust applied over a set of solid grillz. The concept may sound a little tacky to some, but it's quite the opposite for die-hard diamond dust fans. The tiny glints that come from the repeated pounding onto the grill itself are less in the-face compared to that of the large gemstones than those in the fully iced out grillz. Many consider the diamond dust style to be more minimalist and sophisticated. They are thought to leave an impression on those new to the grillz game and veterans.

Open Face

A solid open face - also known as "outline grillz" is a good choice if you want something light. It only covers the edges, as the name implies, and provides a window for the actual teeth to be visible to reveal their grillz and natural smiles. Because the insides of the openings can be oval, hearts, or circles, this design allows designers to be creative and wearers to be self-expressive. The outlines can either be thick or thin, ring around the teeth, or perhaps just a few sides. 

Solid Grillz

High polished or just "polished grillz," as the name suggests, it's plain and shiny - no dusty finishes or geometric patterns along the surface adorning them, and there is no space left for the wearer's pearly whites to be shown off. The only gimmick it has is its purity. The mold consumes the teeth, and the visible parts that can be seen when the wearer grins, smiles, or grimaces are gold. This style lets the grillz enthusiasts get creative on how they should sculpt the grillz style. They can play with the colors of gold on their grillz - the gold can be decked in multiple colors, like jewelry-resembling rose and chrome like white, aside from the traditional plain yellow. Enthusiasts can play with the shape, too - they can have it cut with every tooth looking like a fang. But whatever the color or shape, one thing is sure - polished grillz still dazzle. 

Two-Toned Grillz

After all that's been discussed and mentioned above, you still cannot decide which grillz to get? The two-toned grillz might be ideal for you. This style is for people who are reluctant to choose but still want it all. It merges two styles in one grill - blended into something new, something different. A popular form of this design comes in two colors - with most teeth having one type of gold - primarily the classic yellow gold, and the molars or maybe canines being capped with a different kind of gold, which can be white or rose gold. You can combine diamond dust alone, or you can also have both! You can readily find these styles on our website and place an order for them directly and anytime! How awesome is that? 

Where To Shop For These Styles?

The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to style, which makes these grillz more exciting and aesthetically appealing to the eye. All you have to do is figure out what best matches you and your personality, and Custom Gold Grillz, the number one jeweler, can undoubtedly help you out. Their excellent customer service representatives are always ready to help their customers through email, live support chat, phone call, or their Instagram and Facebook pages. Custom Gold Grillz is the ideal and perfect place to go if you want good craftsmanship, the best quality, and value for your hard-earned money.