March 07, 2022 3 min read

Are you into jewelry collections, or maybe you’re just beginning to appreciate the beauty of gold jewelry? Or perhaps, you’re astonished by seeing individuals with gold teeth? Weren’t you ever a bit curious how these individuals manage to have such elegant, gleaming teeth? 

Choosinggold grillz may be difficult, mainly if it’s your first time doing it. You may sometimes like the style of the piece, but you are having second thoughts about the carat and other details. This can be a pain, we know. 

When we talk about gold, we refer to something magnificent, essential, and pricey. It is a status symbol; it conveys wealth and success. However, it is a common misconception that “pure” gold exists - it does not, in jewelry. So, this is where 10k, 14k, and 18k come in! Purity and price points vary, so you must know what you’re paying for. You don’t pay for and flaunt a 10k piece of jewelry and grillz thinking it’s in a higher karat just because a sly jeweler told you so - you should get what you pay for. 

Since gold is soft and malleable, jewelers must use other metal alloys to enhance its hardness. For example, 18k gold comprises 75% gold and 25% metal alloys. It is often the purest type of gold available. It is utilized in the production of rings, watches, and other wearable jewelry. In addition, 18k has a rich yellow appearance that makes it a desirable choice. The traditional yellow appearance of 18K gold jewelry, which most people identify with gold jewelry, is a beautiful addition. But there are certain drawbacks to using 18K gold - due to its high purity, it is pretty simple to scratch and be damaged. 

58.3% gold and 41.7% metal alloys are used to produce 14K gold. With a deep gold hue and a traditional gold sheen, 14K is the preferred metal for rings and other jewelry by most consumers. Given that its hue is somewhat less saturated and more potent than that of the 18K, it is an excellent option for those who desire gold jewelry that is rich and beautiful without being excessively yellow. Compared to 18K gold, the primary benefits of 14K gold are its durability and cost. Rings and other jewelry made of 14K gold are considerably more durable than jewelry made of 18K gold. Therefore, this gold is a smart option if you are worried about scuffs and scratches. 

While 10k gold is less pure and less costly than other forms of gold used in jewelry and grillz, it is also the most durable and least expensive of them all. On the surface, 10k gold has a paler look than 14K and 18K gold, with a considerably less bright yellow tone than any latter metals. Depending on your personal preference, its light hue may be appealing or unappealing; some people like it for its aesthetic delicacy, while others prefer the rich gold tone of 14K and 18K gold. If you ask us, the affordability and long-term durability of 10k gold are two of its most significant benefits. First, it is the most durable since it has the least gold. Second, 10K gold is tough to scratch, scuff, or bend. 

Maintenance for Gold Grillz

When gold is worn or used alone, it will not tarnish; but when combined with other metals to make 10k and 14k, it will likely discolor in time. 

Remember, the lesser the karat, the quicker it will tarnish. Gold grillz, like any other kind of jewelry, should be cleaned regularly to keep their luster. 

Avoid smoking while wearing them to keep them clean, and use a non-abrasive cleanser mixed with water to wash them regularly. Polishing cloths may also be used to restore their shine. 

With proper maintenance, your gold grillz can last a lifetime.

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10K vs. 14K - Which Gold Grillz is Best For You? 

Having stated those, you may wonder: Which karat is best for me - 10k or 14k? Gold in jewelry, for example, grillz, should be chosen carefully for variables such as skin sensitivity, the aesthetic appearance of the wearer, or the intended recipient. 

Generally speaking, 10K gold grillz (and jewelry) aren’t desirable. However, beyond that little price difference between 10K and 14K gold, 14K is highly recommended by reputable jewelers since it provides the best value for money in color, durability, and total cost.