What Makes the Joker "The Joker" in Suicide Squad

There are certain things that you need to know more about the Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. Those certain things are the details of why he is like that. Over the past few months, people have been talking and obsessing over the movie Suicide Squad. One of the most talked about character in the movie is the fictional character, the Joker. If you were already able to watch the movie, you would have to admit that presence of Joker as a cast in the movie is one of the things why the movie is fun, exciting and thrilling. Below are the things that make the Joker in Suicide Squad a hit.  

The Joker's Weird Appearance

Unlike the other Jokers before, the Joker in the movie Suicide Squad is a lot more different than the rest of the Jokers you have already seen. This time, the Joker tattoo is more obvious. There are a lot of tattoos being tattooed on the actor that portrayed the role, Jared Leto. Joker teeth in the Suicide Squad movie is something that is also worthy of praise. It gives him the overall Joker sense. It portrays the Joker in a scary and sarcastic mood or way. With his clothing, it also gives him the authority and gives people that impression that whoever jokes about him, should think twice.  

Why The Joker's Skin was Bleached

Joker's skin in the Suicide Squad was being bleached to further give the emphasis of the Joker's role and character. This is also to imply that Joker has a bad experience or unfortunate incident with some chemical reactant. According to the original story about what happened to the skin of Joker, it was said that he fell into a vat full of bad chemicals.  

The Joker's Creepy Grin and Smile

Who would want to stare at someone who is already staring at you like he wants to kill or eat you alive? Joker's way of grinning is the kind of grin everyone is afraid of. He is also known for his distinguished and unique Joker laugh, which makes people remember him just as easy. His laugh is one of the things that makes him sound like an evil and scary joker. Isn't it ironic that a Joker must be able to entertain people and gather the crowd in a happy, cheerful way? This kind of Joker however, is making the people feel scared and horrified because of the overall character of Joker. As you can observe, he is not the typical joker or clown that gives kids candies or makes adults happy and laugh; he is the opposite kind of Joker. The kind of Joker that you would see in your dreams wearing scary teeth grillz that look like Halloween accessories.  

The Joker Killed Robin

If you did not know this one yet, yes, he killed and murdered Robin: the known sidekick of Batman. If you have been trying to look for Robin, then, his character is long gone because Joker already murdered him.  
Jared Leto Playing Joker Comic Book Character