What Made The Joker a Villain in Suicide Squad?

What Made The Joker a Villain in Suicide Squad?

In every villain, there always a reason behind why they have become a villain themselves. They do not just appear in movies and become villains without any reasons. There is always a reason why they hate the protagonists in every movie. Most of the times, the kind of storyboard that is being portrayed and used in movies helps people understand why they have become villains. The typical story is that at some point in their lives, they have been hurt too much, and they have changed themselves into someone who is a bad person or who returns to become vengeful to those who have hurt them. One of the best example of a good character that has become vengeful after his one true love has hurt him, is the character of Joker. This joker that is being referred to is the joker batman that you see people dress up as during Halloween wearing fake teeth.

About Harley Quinn

Joker is known to be the mortal enemy of Batman and just lately, he made a special appearance in the movie the Suicide Squad. A lot of the people do not know the reason behind why he has become a villain. He was already known for being a criminal in the movies Batman and Suicide Squad, but what has pushed him more to become a villain? The answer is Harley Quinn. She is also, a fictional villain character and is known to be the one true love of the Joker.

Harley Quinn's Background

A short story on the background of Harley Quinn; she was the doctor and psychologist of the Joker when he was in jail for the crime he committed. With her frequently checking and visiting Joker, little she did not know, she has already fallen in love with the Joker and that he was slowly luring her to free him and walk away with him. This love brought these two together, and they act as if they own the whole world. The Joker treats Harley Quinn as his queen. He believes that she is his life. The Joker and Harley Quinn made a great team together until Batman captured Harley Quinn. This made the Joker so mad and frustrated that he wanted to take revenge on Batman. From then on, they were separated from each other. This made Joker promise to himself that he is going to get back Harley Quinn and save her no matter what.

The Joker and Harley Quinn

Going back, as you can see, the underlying reason why the Joker have become a villain is love. His love for Harley Quinn made him changed not into someone better, but someone who is so vengeful. Love is indeed a powerful thing in this world that could change a person whether from being bad to good or good to bad.Β In the movie Suicide Squad, there were points that despite Joker and Harley Quinn being the villains in the movie, showed a good side of them. This makes the Joker and Quinn both characters that people can easily relate to, which is why you seeΒ people dress up like them during Halloween wearing a pair of joker grills. Β 
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