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Gold Teeth Grillz World Wide

Even before celebrities were rocking those golden grills, those type of grills were already used many years ago. Like there has been a lot of evidence that skulls that were recovered were found to have golden teeth in them. According to experts, those were the people from the earliest years of life from ancient China and Egypt as well. That means more than 5,000 years ago people were already using golden teeth. Even before rappers were born and flashed their golden teeth on their music videos. That is why it is not that shocking that this type of statement is still present in the modern age.

The Iconic Grillz

This trend started with people from the hip-hop industry as one of their accessories. Music icons have been so public with their fashion statement of showing their grills, for example, the all time loyalist of golden grillz, Lil Wayne. That is why right now, you can have a lot of designs to choose from like if you want to have the G-Eazy grillz or the Beyonce grillz, you can have it. It’s because there are already names that have been established as makers of gold teeth such as grillz by Paul Wall, A U grillz, and grillz Johnny Dang which you can check out on his website t.v Johnny grillz.

Then, later on, other female music icons are starting to have their own golden grills. Big music icons like Madonna, the queen of pop. So, in the field of entertainment, there are more than rappers who are hooked on this type of trend. It’s because it has become a fashion accessory to most Hollywood celebrities in particular. It’s as if everyone is into grills. You will see different types of gold as their gold teeth, like from white gold, to a pure yellow gold. Not only that, celebrities were not satisfied with just gold teeth, but they added some twist to it like adding diamonds to it, and even other precious stones to their set of grills.

Celebs Showing Off Their Grill

At present, to name the celebrities who have their set of grillz, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry and also the youngest of Kardashian's, Kylie Jenner herself where she first got hers way back when she was still 16. And now, the latest celebrity who was spotted wearing golden grills is no other than Kim K. She showed it through one of her Snapchat stories on the last week of September of 2016.

Therefore, when you are thinking of joining the golden teeth brigade, then you can have your own. You can choose a lot of styles that you want. You can get design inspiration from the many stars that rocked it with their set of grills. Though, make sure that when you get your set, keep in mind that if you have the permanent ones, always clean and floss them, so you can keep it as good as brand new for your whole lifetime. Then, if you got the temporary ones, then clean it as how you normally clean dentures or braces.

Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Madona celebrity grillz