Facts about Joker in Suicide Squad

In every movie, there is always a villain. Without the villain, the movie is boring. As most people would agree, the presence of villains in movies makes it more thrilling and fun. The villains in the movies are what make the story of the movies. They are the ones to make surprising twists in the movies and they are the ones who will play with the emotions in every viewer or watcher. Villains will either make you feel angry, frustrated, mad, sad, happy or funny. There are a lot of levels and kinds of villains from being mildly bad to the worst kind of villains. Sometimes, they are referred to as antagonists while the lead actors and actresses of the movies are called the protagonists.

The Joker in Batman Movies

It is very hard for an overall movie production team to look for the best actor or actress to play the role of being the villain in a movie. They have to look for someone who can portray the role very well. They need to have someone that can make the viewers and watchers hate the villain of the movie, but at the same time love the person portraying the role.

One of the most known villains being portrayed for decades is the Joker. The Joker is known for its deep wit and mystery for quite a long time already. The Joker usually appears in the movie Batman. He is known to be the mortal enemy of Batman. But lately, the same character, the Joker, appeared in the movie Suicide Squad. This Joker is no different than the Joker that you have seen in most of the Batman movies. He is the same Joker, but is being portrayed by a different actor. He is still the joker with his signature Joker teeth that you can buy online and Joker grill which some would love, and some would be scared of whenever they see these from the Joker. This is a testament to the great cosmetics on the part of the make-up team, though.

The Joker as a Villian

With Joker as one of the most known villains of all time, a lot of people still love the character of the Joker. From its character name “Joker” itself, he sometimes cracks jokes in the movies; which can be funny and sarcastic at the same time. He is known for his wit. With these characteristics, despite being the villain, the Joker is still liked and loved by many. A lot still find the Joker a cool character despite his evil plans and distractions in the movie the Suicide Squad. With this, a lot of kids would still choose to portray Joker whenever there are special events like birthdays, themed parties and most of the times you can see children and teens portraying Joker during Halloween. This is also known as Joker cosplay. With Joker as one of the famous villains of all time, you can find the Joker Halloween costume easily without having to search from store to store.