Iced Out Custom Grillz

Iced out grillz have become a staple of hip hop culture. Whether it's an established mainstream rapper or an unknown underground rapper on the up and up, everyone either owns, has owned, or wants to own an iced out piece.
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Up your standing in the rap game by getting yourself a pair of iced out grillz. Iced out pieces are not only a status symbol, but they're also a manifestation of your hard work and dedication to your hustle. These pieces are not for the faint of heart as iced out pieces can easily climb up to a thousand dollars and above depending on the number of teeth and options. Most of our pieces are made with Cubic Zirconia lab diamonds that give the look and shine of natural diamonds without the hefty price.

Straight setting pieces are pieces that have their stones set in a grid like patterns. This is our standard and most popular setting. While this setting is common, it's hard to strike a balance between the size of the prongs and the amount of light that each diamond receives. We are able to ensure that our pieces shine and rainbow hard without sacrificing the durability of the piece.

Zigzag is another type of setting we offer. This type of setting offsets the ice in a zigzag pattern, allowing us to pack more ice into each tooth. While this typically increases the cost of the piece, the stones are packed tightly together giving the piece a more icy look.

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