Free Fanged Grillz

Celebrate Halloween in Style with Free Grillz


This year, to give back to the community we cherish and show our customers how much we appreciate them, Custom Gold Grillz is giving away two different styles of Halloween inspired grillz absolutely free of charge! By simply paying a small shipping cost ($9.99), you and your friends can have the hippest, most authentic costumes at the party on Halloween. Please click on any item listed above to take advantage of this offer. If you are looking for a traditional grill, we have what you need too. Custom Gold Grillz offers pre-made and custom-fit grillz



Free Fanged Grillz: Make It a Halloween to Remember with Custom Gold Grillz


Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to begin frequenting local pumpkin patches and getting your favorite costume getup together! And everyone knows that what takes a costume from “good” to “amazing” is how you accessorize. Sure, anyone can throw a white sheet over themselves and say they’re a ghost, but with a little imagination and the right accessories such as grillz, that boring old sheet can become a spooky, living creature! Again, if you think that fanged grillz is a overkill for your Halloween costume and want to find something affordable, Custom Gold Grillz offers a variety of pre-made traditional grillz


Grillz to Make Your Costume Fierce


However, if you are adventurous enough to complete your Halloween costume with fanged grillz, Custom Gold Grillz is happy to offer you complimentary grillz from these special Halloween varieties.


Vampire Fang Grillz


While not as flashy as the premium fanged grillz, the classic rose gold grillz with fangs and gold fang grillz will set your vampire apart from the others through sheer class and elegance. Pick the perfect color to match your sexy vampire outfit and we guarantee you will steal the show.

 Pre-Made Gold Plated Vampire Fang GrillzTap the image to see these free premium fanged grillz


Single Tooth Grillz


The single fang grillz are the most subtle of the bunch, but they definitely give just the right amount of pizzazz to any vampire outfit. By choosing a couple of our single tooth grillz, your smile will show just a bit of fang– hinting perfectly at your true vampiric nature without letting it overtake your entire costume. Available in silver and gold, this little fang can be your perfect Halloween secret.

 Pre-Made Gold Plated Single Top Fang Tooth GrillTap the image to see these free single fang grillz


Don’t Be Just Another Dracula at the Party


No one wants to show up at a Halloween party only to realize they dressed in the same costume as someone else. Here are a few ideas for how you can stay true to the vampire tradition with your own unique take on the classic.


Classy Victorian Vampire


Consider going as a Victorian era vampire! Simply by wearing a long-tailored coat or floor length ruffled gown, any boy or girl can rock this look with the perfect addition of our iced out fanged grillz. We have sets of both boy and girl grillz fangs. It is best to complete the Classy Victorian Vampire costume with the Gold Plated Fanged CZ Cluster Premium Grillz 



Gothic Vampire


Load on the dramatic makeup and pull out that black hair dye! The gothic vampire look is easy to achieve and totally unique. Add a pop of sparkle and shine with our iced out or solid fanged grillz for the perfectly memorable gothic look.

The Gothic Vampire costumes are more dramatic compared to Victorian-era vampire costumes and will look best with the White Gold Plated Fanged CZ Cluster Premium Grillz


Steampunk Vampire


Nothing begs for the steampunk aesthetic quite like a vampire costume. Try out this quirky trend for yourself by strapping on your garters, goggles, and a top hat. Complete the look with a couple of the single top fanged tooth grillz and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Occult Vampire


If you want to turn the scare factor up a notch and tap into mythological themes, there’s no better route than with an occult vampire costume. This representation is commonly seen across cultures and fiction, leaving total creative freedom in your hands when choosing a costume! Add our solid fanged grillz to the look or try our single gold top grillz with fangs to strike ultimate fear into those you encounter. 


Traditional Dracula


All right, all right. You’re dedicated to dressing as the classic Dracula vampire. We respect that. We recommend adding our solid fanged grillz or single tooth grillz fangs to your iconic costume. These custom fang grillz are the perfect accessory to bring old time Dracula into the present moment. 


The Undying Trend


If you want to find fanged grillz, we would like to help you to select the best grillz for your costume. Certain costume trends come and go over time, but there is one archetypal character that remains an eternal favorite: the vampire. And why wouldn’t it be an everlasting classic? This creature just won’t die – literally. Vampires are mysterious and dangerous; the perfect balance between sexy and scary. So that’s why one of the primary themes of this year’s Halloween giveaway is turning our awesome grillz into fangs, because what better addition is there to any Halloween costume? Whether you choose one of our vampire fang grillz or opt for something a little more subtle like our single fang grillz to add a hint of mischief to your costume, your Halloween look will steal the show when Custom Gold Grillz adds the perfect touch of toothy flair.


The Importance of Fangs


Vampires are interesting creatures. When you look at movies, books, and various other forms of media, you see that the vampire is represented in vastly different ways between genres and over time. Some vampires—like the classic Dracula—have many pronounced features like the black cape, the slicked back hair, and the pale skin that make that character a vampire icon. But there are other representations too, where vampires are hardly distinguishable from normal humans. The one characteristic that sets vampires apart and spans any genre is the fangs. That’s why our team at Custom Gold Grillz has taken on the challenge of keeping the true vampiric spirit alive this Halloween, and we will make sure that all aspiring vampires out there have the perfect fangs to match their costume!


Custom Gold Grillz: The Only Real Option


We here at Custom Gold Grillz know you could very easily buy a cheap pair of fake plastic vampire teeth for your costume and call it a day. But not only will your costume suffer, but you’ll look just like everyone else at the party. Why choose that boring option when you could have custom gold, silver, or rose gold grillz fangs? Try out our grillz, teeth, and fangs as a complimentary gift from Custom Gold Grillz this Halloween. Make it your most memorable costume yet with this season’s must have accessory.