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All Jewelry

All Jewelry

Jewelery is an essential part of any outfit. Stay fresh with our selection of solid and iced out pieces. Whether you have $100, $1000 dollars, or $10,000, we offer chains and bracelets for any budget. If you're a baller on a budget, we offer all our jeweler pieces in 18K yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold with CZ stones. If you're looking for pieces that will last a long time, we offer pieces made of solid gold and natural diamonds for unmatched shine, luster, and durability. 

Tennis bracelets have been around for a long time, but have only gotten their name in the past few decades due to the professional tennis player Chris Evert. The name was coined by Chris when her bracelet broke and fell off her wrist during a match. This term has stuck around and is now one of our most popular style of bracelets. Our 1 row tennis bracelets may look simple, but the combination of gold and stones helps these pieces exude elegance while maintaining their low key nature.

Rope chains, franco chains, and cuban chains are some of the most common styles in hiphop jewelry. Each style of chain has their benefits. If you're looking for a chain to hang your pendant on, a rope chain is a good choice. While the many small links on a rope chain aren't completely joined, the oval links that that do join them together are stong, making this a good choice for those looking to hang a pendant or charm off of.

Franco chains are a great addition to any jeweler set. These chains are made by placing two to four curb necklaces against one another and interweaving the links to create a franco chain. This creates a dense chain where all the links are attached close together for a truly stunning look.

Cubans links are some of the most common style of chains. With oval shaped links and a twisting rope like pattern, the miami cuban link chain is heavy yet stylish. If you're looking to add some ice to your collection, we also offer some diamond encrusted cuban chains and bracelets. These icy pieces look great and are even better at getting attention. Whether you go for our plated option with CZs or you go for a solid gold cuban chain with real diamonds, we can say with confidence that you'll like these show-stopping pieces.