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St. Patrick's Custom Gold Grillz Giveaway with Niv's Bling

April 04, 2017 1 min read

custom gold grillz

It's March, It's St. Patrick's week, and we wanna do a Custom Gold Grillz giveaway!

We simply wanna give back the support we got from everyone by giving away a Custom Fitted 6 piece bottom in 10k Yellow Gold...Yes, Custom Fitted Gold Piece!

Grillz Giveaway

It started with our Instagram stories, and the build up went crazy! We really in this for sure fam! And after coming up with the regulations, we finally found a simple way to get the raffle started.

Gold Cuban Chain Giveaway

We also wanna give a huge Shoutout to Niv's Bling for partnering up with us by giving away a Gold Cuban Chain to compliment with our Custom Gold Grillz! Things are really heating up in here ???

Free Custom Fitted Grill


Facebook comments

All of this was made possible by you guys! All the support and the business, we appreciate all of them. We are still growing, and we are gonna keep giving back. We ain't stopping here fam. Watch out! Congrats to the big winners from Facebook and on Instagram.  Again, Thanks for all the support, and also to Niv's Bling for making everything happen. Thanks fam!


Easter Egg maybe??? ???