Contents1 Premium CZ Diamond Grillz2 Why Get These Grillz?3 How Are These Different From Our Other Grillz? Premium CZ Diamond Grillz Custom Gold Grillz has launched their exclusive premium CZ diamond grillz made from either .925 sterling silver or jeweler’s brass with triple plated 18k gold. The triple plating on these grillz not only make sure your […]

Here at Custom Gold Grillz we offer both 18k gold stainless steel PVD plated grillz and 14k electroplated grillz. Each process has its advantages and disadvantages in price and durability. Contents1 What are 18k Stainless Steel Grillz?2 What are 14k Gold Plated Grillz?3 Differences between the 18k and 14k Plated Grillz What are 18k Stainless […]